Web Apps

AVeq screenshot

AVeq Video Queue

Keep your Amazon Instant Videos organized in a Netflix-style queue with this Google Chrome extension.

veXRD screenshot

veXRD Vector Graphing

Drag-n-drop vector graphing in the browser for X-ray diffraction data. Exports a scalable .svg or .pdf file.

Gas detector screenshot

Mobile Alarm Reporting

Mobile-only reporting of laboratory gas detector data. Builds an SVG graph of the alarm event in the browser.


Blackbird Spotting screenshot

Blackbird Spotting

Interactive map and information about every Mach 3+ Blackbird ever flown.

Area 51 screenshot

Area 51 Aerial Photos

Historical photos show how the not-so-secret base has grown over the decades.


Gibbs book screenshot

On the Equilibrium of
Heterogeneous Substances

A new typesetting of the 1870s classic in thermodynamics. (In progress)

You Are Here book screenshot

You Are Here

A trade paperback typesetting of a modern ebook.

Periodic table screenshot

Periodic Table of the Elements

A periodic table in the style of iOS 7.


Manganese.me: The sadly neglected blog.

Thermochemical and kinetic aspects of Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 thin film growth by reaction of Cu-Zn-Sn precursors in H2S and H2Se (2015): A paper submitted to Journal of Applied Physics, (in peer review).

Ye Olde “The” (2013): A fun little typography article written for medium.com.

A Survey of Grid-Level Energy Storage Options (2011): A realistic look at technologies for storing large amounts of energy.

Modeling the Effect of Absorber Layer Stoichiometry on I-III-VI2 Photovoltaic Cell Efficiency (2009): Senior project for the Bachelor of Science in Physics.

A Gentle Introduction to Tensors (2008): Senior project for the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.


A note about skills:

There’s a list of skills here so people searching for buzzwords can find what they’re looking for, but what I’m really good at is problem solving and reading the documentation of new technologies when I need to learn them.

Relational Databases
Twitter API
Google Maps API
Amazon Product Advertising API


The Before

In the early 2000s, I was working as a Senior Web Developer for a big interactive agency. We had some high-profile clients, like Sony, Pepsi, Sephora, NY Lottery, and Lockheed Martin, and I loved having my work out there in front of millions of people. The developers there did everything, from designing the database schema to tweaking the html table layouts. Stop laughing; that’s what we had to work with while CSS support was in its infancy. I wrote a lot of HTML, JavaScript, Perl, and PHP back then, and learned on the job to design and administer MySQL and Oracle databases.

During the lean years after the web bubble burst, I took the opportunity to head back to college while doing the occasional freelance or personal web project. I got some experience with GIS, and the Google Maps API projects above were born of that period.

The Now

I may have overdone the school thing a bit, as I’m just about to finish a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering. To help analyze my data, I wrote veXRD, a single-page app that graphs X-ray diffraction data in both SVG and PDF formats. At the time, I didn’t know what MVC meant, and was unfamiliar with the modern libraries and frameworks, so I wrote veXRD in Vanilla JS.

Shortly thereafter, I found myself wanting a Netflix-style queue for Amazon instant videos, so I wrote a Google Chrome extension to scratch that itch. AVeq inserts a button on Amazon instant video pages to add that video to your queue, and then helps you keep that queue organized. Behind the scenes, it queries the Amazon Product Advertising API, parses the XML response, and uses local storage for the JSON data, and synchronizes to any Chrome browser logged into the same account.

While working on these projects, I realized I’d rather build web sites than do laboratory research. Having decided to return to professional web development after grad school, I’ve been picking up the new technologies and paradigms as fast as I can while still trying to write a PhD dissertation. I’ve studied NodeJS, AngularJS, Ruby, Python, and lots more, and I relish the opportunity to use any or all of them in a production environment.

The Next

I love shepherding projects from concept all the way through deployment, and I enjoy everything from designing the database at the backend to tweaking the CSS at the front. My goal is to find a position that lets me touch the full stack, although I’d be just as happy to focus on front-end development. My fulfillment comes from giving visitors good experiences, and maybe helping to make their day—or life—a little bit brighter.

Since the last time I was a full-time, professional developer, the web ecosystem has grown incredibly wide and deep. I can’t wait to jump into it with both feet. I have learned a lot, and have a lot to learn. If you’re looking for somebody with those attributes, have a look at my résumé, and let’s chat.

I am most easily reached by email at tmangan@gmail.com.

[Updated 03 June 2015]